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        All In One Permanent Magnet Serial Screw Air Compressor

        Model : XLPMTD

        Permanent magnet variable speed all in one compressor provides a complete solution to produce clean and dry compressed air.

        Product Advantages

        Permanent magnet motor

        No electric excitation, no fundamental wave iron, less copper loss and less calorific value, whose efficiency is 5-12% higher than that of the same capacity asynchronous motor.

        Frequency inverter

        High performance frequency inverter makes the operation more stable and carrying out real-time vector calculation according to different air delivery.


        7-inch color screen, touch operation, sensitive action, be equipped with active protection, alarming, maintenance reminding and automatic 24-hour unattended operation.

        Oil&Air separator

        Bigger oil and air separator and oil separator element, improving the initial separation efficiency, making the oil content less than or equal to 3ppm.

        Oil filter

        Oil filter fitness is 25um, which can effectively guarantee the clean lubricating oil supply to the main system and improve the service life of the air end.

        Cooling fan

        High efficiency and large air volume, greatly lower the temperature and prelong the lubricating oil change period.

        Air tank

        Compressor with air tank combined, the exhaust from the compressor is directly discharged to the tank, which reduces the intermediate connecting pipe and effectively saves space.

        Product Parameter

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